01. Our Mission

Data driven, people focused, objectively measured web solutions that grow business.

  • Always Do The Right Thing
  • Meet or Exceed Client Expectations

02. Our Approach

We believe that problems are opportunities disguised as obstacles. Our approach is simple; seek out and solve problems to unlock and/or uncover opportunities then gainfully act upon them.

  • Look for Opportunities
  • Recognize Opportunities
  • Gainfully Act on Opportunities

03. Our Philosophy

Great isn't good enough. Our philosophical foundation is cemented in continuous improvement; kaizen.

  • Continual Education
  • Leverage Insights to Fuel Innovation
  • Push Creativity
  • Lead the Industry
  • Great Isn't Good Enough
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Our Team

We are Triocto
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Nick Klein

Nick Klein

Kyle Dudgeon

Kyle Dudgeon

Ken Button

Ken Button

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About Us

We put people first - always

Our people first approach to doing business is a philosophy that guides our every action and interaction with our clients and prospective clients. By putting a businesses target market first, we're delivering the types of user experiences across all web channels that are necessary to earn our clients new business.

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Web Success Solutions

What We Do

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Digital Strategy

A well formed digital strategy uses the application of digital technologies to aid in the …

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Consumer Insights

You need to be there when they search, know their wants and needs and inspire confidence …

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Website Development

The primary objective while developing a website is to ensure it helps meet or exceed the …

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