4 Customer Retention Strategies for Your E-Commerce Venture

Improve your online store’s bottom line

Written by Nick Klein

Published on Wed, Oct 28, 2020, Last Updated on Wed, Oct 28, 2020

The jury is still out on whether it’s more challenging to acquire a new customer or retain an existing one. We believe that it is slightly easier to keep customers than getting entirely new clients on board because customer retention requires less investment in money, time, and effort if you are pulling all the right strings.

Besides introducing loyalty programs, VIP clubs, and offering impeccable customer service, an e-commerce store should also focus on these features to improve its customer retention.

1. Offer them Stunning UX

Just like a storefront and interior makes the first impression of a brick-and-mortar retailer, how your e-commerce website looks and feels like (its UI) will be your first introduction to potential customers. An e-commerce store with a strong pleasing first impression finds it easy to retain customers.

You need to work with ace web development experts to offer an impeccable user experience to the visitors of your e-commerce store. The following are some elements you can focus on to deliver a good user experience to your customers.

  • Minimal load time: Visitors should be able to surf through your e-commerce website without a second’s lag.
  • Easy-on-the-eyes theme and colors: Visitors can stay on your e-commerce store for long without straining their eyes.
  • Easy-to-navigate product and service categories: Make sure customers can get a birds-eye-view of what you offer just by looking at the menu.
  • Agile cart and checkout operations: Customers should be able to use the online cart and checkout while making payments without a hassle.

If any of the above elements are missing from your website, it will be harder to retain customers irrespective of the quality of your products and services.

2. Run Automated Email Campaign with Customized Offers

Automation has resurrected email marketing and now you can leverage it to improve customer retention of your e-commerce store. Use a robust email automation platform and configure it for your subscribers’ list. You can automatically send a customized email to:

  • Customers who inadvertently abandoned the cart
  • Customers who have been inactive for a certain duration
  • Customers who have completed one year or other milestone periods with you
  • Customers who buy certain products from your store

This whole email automation exercise will also help you improve customer retention of your e-commerce store.

3. Focus on Your Social Media Traction

Social media has emerged as an informal and more effective side of customer service. You can answer queries and complaints of consumers while also getting it entertained through social media interactions. Make sure you and your team actively post on SM profiles and reply to every customer query in comments and messages. If you are able to engage customers on social media, you will eventually retain them as well.

4. Offers Some Unconditional Value

Offering customers some value free of charge and without any conditions goes a long way in retaining them. You can offer this unconditional value in terms of highly valuable content via blogs, infographics, ebooks, and videos. If your marketing budget allows, also send goodie bags to your most loyal customers.

TRIOCTO can prove to be a useful partner to help you improve the customer retention of your e-commerce store. From web designing to SEO and secure web hosting to brand development, the company can help you in multiple ways to retain your business through better online promotion and customer interaction.


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