4 Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2021

2020— one of the most significant years of this century— has ended.

Written by Nick Klein

Published on Tue, Jan 26, 2021, Last Updated on Tue, Jan 26, 2021

2020— one of the most significant years of this century— has ended. While it was not a good year for most industries, the digital marketing landscape is among the few exceptions. 2020 witnessed a considerable uptick in online shopping, making digital promotions the cornerstone of commercial activities.

Digital marketing will retain its leading position this year as well due to the rapid digitization followed by the pandemic. What will be the digital marketing trends for 2021, and how and why they have got so much prominence?

We will discuss all of that in this blog.

1. Local SEO Will Continue to Boom

Businesses have been using local SEO for quite a while. However, the migration of many brick-and-mortar operations to the online domain will make it one of the most in-demand digital marketing services. More digital marketing experts and firms will promote and sell Local SEO to all those enterprises that have recently gone online.

Google’s local 3-pack is the prize for which local businesses fight it out in the SEO battleground. Since the online competition among local enterprises will significantly increase this year, experts will have to come up with more innovative ways to improve Local SEO and help businesses secure their position in the local 3-pack. This year, Google might also roll out some new rules revolving around local SEO.

2. Voice Search Will Become Trendier

The popularity of smart and IoT devices has paved the way for voice search to become a default search option for users. Surveys already suggest that almost 40% of respondents have used their phones to run Google search through voice command. As of now, Google algorithms don’t take voice search into account. We might see this integration happening this year.

The popularity of voice search means digital marketers have to curate and optimize the promotional content accordingly. For instance, direct, more conversational, and less grammar savvy content will be more in line with the SEO requirements of voice search.

3. Businesses Will Bank More on the Interactive Content

Interactive content is already shrinking the scope of static content with its exceedingly good engagement and response. This transition will pick up the pace this year. Fast internet on mobile devices, better API integrations, and the sustained popularity of social medial— all of these factors improve the prospects of interactive content in terms of online promotions.

Marketers are already convinced about the efficacy of interactive content. With the right resources at their disposal, they will center more of their promotional sprints and marathons on interactive content.

4. Shoppable Posts Will Become a Norm

Shoppable posts have been on Instagram for almost two years. It allows businesses to tag shoppable products directly on organic Instagram posts. The pandemic and subsequent online shopping uptick have highlighted shoppable posts’ lucrativeness to companies and other SM platforms. Therefore, this year we might see YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter also catch on to this trend.

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