4 Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Generating Leads

Most websites fail to turn visitors into leads

Written by Kyle Dudgeon

Published on Wed, Nov 25, 2020, Last Updated on Wed, Nov 25, 2020

Every business wants to have a website that can let it put across its product and services to visitors and subsequently turn them into customers. However, statistics suggest that most websites fail to perform that crucial function of turning visitors into leads.

If you have recently launched your business website and haven’t received the desired response so far, you need to assess what’s wrong with the site. In many cases, an apparently good-looking website with responsive design fails to register good lead generation.

In this article, we will discuss why a website might not offer good lead generation.

An Absent CTA

Call-to-Action (CTA) is the best way to conclude any marketing message. It is the single most crucial element that can convert any visitor into a lead and a lead into a customer. However, many websites for businesses have pages with no CTAs. Keep in mind that a web copy with compelling content is of no use if it doesn’t end with a definitive statement asking visitors to take a specific action.

For instance, if you sell plumbing services, you need to write a copy highlighting the benefits of hiring your services. You need to finish that copy with “contact for a free consultation” or “get a free quote” or similar other CTAs that push visitors further in your sales funnel.

A Confusing Landing Page

As mentioned earlier, a responsive web page that looks alright at first glance may not necessarily be a useful page in terms of lead generation. If your landing page features a lengthy subscription form or doesn’t have a CTA button placed right in front, you will struggle to generate a good lead with it. A landing page that aims to convert visitors into leads must be minimalist with its design and content.

Ideally, it should be short enough with no scrolling bar and have a submission form that can be filled and submitted within a minute.

Bad Design and Color Palette

Gone are the days when website visitors would put up with poor color combinations and widgets and menus bleeding into each other. Now, if they stumble over such a website, they close the tab within a fraction of a second. It is easy to understand that a website with a higher bounce rate can’t record good lead generation.

Not Enough Traffic

What’s the point of having a responsive website with engaging content and a captivating layout if it doesn’t get enough traffic? A website with low organic traffic will naturally develop very few leads. Therefore, when you revamp your website for its layout, content, and overall look, focus on its on-page and off-page SEO to attract a good volume of organic search traffic.

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