5 SEO Misconceptions You Should Address Right Now

From Keywords to Social Media

Written by Kyle Dudgeon

Published on Tue, Sep 22, 2020, Last Updated on Tue, Sep 22, 2020

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of practices you do to improve your rank on Search Engine Page Results (SERPs), get more visibility, and increase organic traffic on your webpage. Every business and enterprise that has an online front needs to work on SEO. Over the years, SEO practices have undergone many transformations and tweaks due to improvements and changes in Google’s search algorithms.

Due to this continuous change, many SEO elements, which were once standard, have become obsolete. Similarly, many new SEO requirements have propped up. Amid all this shift and transformation, various SEO misconceptions have also been developed.

If you want to make the most out of optimization measures, you need to steer clear of those SEO misconceptions. Here, we will list down all those myths and misconceptions about SEO you need to address so you can make a sound result-oriented marketing strategy.

For many people, keyword placements and link-building are the only two things that can optimize a webpage. We can’t doubt the importance of the right keyword placement and link-building strategies. They are the only SEO practices that have remained relevant for all those years.

However, you need to look beyond keywords and link-buildings for a holistic SEO strategy. Page speed, site mapping, and various other elements also affect your site optimization. Seasoned SEO experts and Google Guidelines can help you further in adding more things to the to-do list for an effective SEO strategy.

2. SEO Is Quantity-Oriented

Many people think that optimization is directly proportional to the amount of content and posts you upload on your website. In light of this erroneous approach, many people keep churning content only to get disappointed when their ranks don’t improve even after posting tons of posts.

Remember that SEO is more about quality than quantity. A website with a handful of optimized content will do better on SERPs than the one with too much non-optimized, all-over-the-place content.

3. SEO Is a One-Time Gig

Many clients hire SEO firms and experts as if optimization works like conventional advertising where you post an ad, and you are done with your work. SEO brings organic traffic to a website. This requires ongoing efforts to spruce up and upload new valuable content and keep a constant eye on other optimization metrics.

4. Social Media Has Replaced SEO

Social media has undoubtedly taken a lot of space in the digital marketing landscape. But to think it has replaced SEO is just a misconception and nothing more. Your social media visibility has nothing to do with your site ranking. You may get a lot of traction on your Instagram or Facebook page while your website is still buried in the SERPS.

5. SEO Does Magic

Lastly, many clients think of SEO as some wonder tool that will bring their website on the above-the-fold section on the first page of Google search. SEO can do that. It can even earn you Featured Snippet. However, these developments take time, and you need to employ the right SEO strategies to get there.

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