AMP vs. Wordpress

Upsides and downsides of each

Written by Ken Button

Published on Mon, Jul 20, 2020, Last Updated on Mon, Jul 20, 2020

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open-source HTML framework developed by Google to help webmasters optimize their websites for mobile devices. WordPress is a Content Management System that also allows users to build their websites on its platform.

If you are new to web development and don’t know the difference between AMP and WordPress websites and their upsides and downsides, continue reading. We are going to have a comparative overview of WordPress AMP websites.

AMP Websites

There are many benefits to opting for a static AMP website as your website-building platform.

AMP Website Has a Better Page Loading Speed

The loading speed of a webpage has taken a vital role in determining the ranking of a website after the arrival of smartphones and the availability of fast internet. Research conducted by a company that offers web analytical solutions suggests that nearly 40% of internet users close a website if it doesn’t start loading within 3 seconds.

The use of static AMP HTML can increase the loading speed of your website by double or more. Google’s HTML framework does that by shedding the extra weight of the website. This weight comes from JAVA scripts, animations supported by CSS, and various other plugins. By increasing your website’s loading speed, you can get an edge over your competitors in the SERPs.

AMP Websites Better Users Experience

The success of a website eventually depends on the UX it offers. For example, if your website has messed-up formatting with both horizontal and vertical scrolling, it will experience higher bounce-off and abandonment rates no matter how good its content is. An AMP website is automatically optimized for all screen sizes, operating systems, and browsers. Users using whichever mobile device can open your webpage with the same streamlined layout.

It Is Easier to Track the Performance of an AMP Website

AMP’s HTML framework comes with its own analytical tool. From visitor count to bounce-off rate and page views to average session duration, it tracks all the value that can give you an idea about how your website is doing.

WordPress Websites

You can also make your website on WordPress.

Easy to Implement and Validate

For people developing a website on their own, it is easier to work on WordPress with its built-in plugins. You can easily implement page building measures when you don’t have to take into account a host of external design and programming tools.

No Compromise on the Website’s Functionality

AMP framework restricts a large chunk (not all) of a webpage’s graphics by disabling widgets, animations, and heavy images. If you are launching a website primarily for all these features, it will be better to design it on WordPress instead of AMP.

The above discussion suggests that AMP websites fare better than a simple WordPress website when targeting a big chunk of mobile-using audience. In contrast, WordPress is good for many users who are looking for hassle-free web development and don’t want to compromise on the display of any of their web content.

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