Four Reasons Why You Should Care About SERP

Search Engine Result Page

Written by Nick Klein

Published on Wed, Jan 13, 2021, Last Updated on Wed, Jan 13, 2021

Search Engine Result Page (SERP) is the Google page that appears on your screen when you run a search query. In other words, you input a query (a keyword or phrase), and Google returns it with SERPs. Users don’t have to be mindful of what SERPs are, how they work, and why they are important. However, an enterprise trying to establish its digital footprint must know all about them.

If you have just entered the realm of digital marketing and trying to understand how it can help you promote your business among the online audience, continue reading this post. Here, we will discuss four reasons why you should care about SERPs.

1. Both Offline and Online Buyers Start their Purchasing Process from SERPs

Different surveys and reports suggest that over 80% of consumers begin buying through an online search. It is important to mention here that the stat is not just about online shoppers. People doing conventional brick-and-mortar shopping also search for a product and get all the relevant information about it through Google before going out.

In short, a consumer journey now starts from a relevant SERP. Only businesses that care about their SERP ranking can become part of and leverage that consumer journey.

2. SERPs Let You Stay Ahead of Competitors

Suppose two enterprises are offering similar products and services at the same price points. These two businesses competing so closely have to find innovative ways to stay ahead of each other. One way for those competitors to stand out is to improve their SERP ranking. A company appearing in the top SERPs will get more traction and business than its competitors despite offering the same value proposition.

3. Being on SERPs Means Being Relevant

Having a website is not just enough to become digitally relevant to the potential target market. You also need to make a mark on SERPs to earn that relevance. For instance, a shoe outlet operating in New Jersey can’t be relevant to its target market if it does not appear on top SERPs for relevant search queries. To put it another way, a business remains invisible and nonexistent to online consumers as long as it doesn’t boast a good position on the relevant SERPs.

4. Ending Up on Top SERPs Doesn’t Need Hefty Promotional Budgets

The pointers discussed above clearly imply that presence on top SERPs should be central to any business’s digital marketing strategy. Despite having such a crucial role in online promotions, maintaining a leading position on the SERPs is not an expensive affair. With a smart investment in good SEO, a business can maintain its position on the first few SERPs of the relevant search queries for a long time.

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