How Small Businesses Can Survive the COVID-19 Economy

Three Steps to Adapt

Written by Nick Klein

Published on Thu, Dec 10, 2020, Last Updated on Thu, Dec 10, 2020

It’s no secret that the turn of the new decade and the spread of COVID-19 has been devastating for the global economy. Businesses across every industry are suffering from the effects of the pandemic and the uncertainty it brought. At a time when many enterprise-level businesses are struggling to stay afloat, what will become of small and medium businesses?

Unfortunately for many small businesses, the effects of the pandemic have resulted in temporary or permanent closures. However, many small businesses have successfully developed strategies during COVID-19 that have helped them make the most of it.

Today, we will focus on a few successful strategies that small businesses can use to survive the COVID-19 economy.

1. Ditching the Physical Storefront

Due to mandatory social distancing measures, businesses across the board have had to close down their physical stores. The closure of physical stores has had an impact on small businesses. However, it can also be seen as an opportunity to ditch the physical storefront and make way for the digital migration.

There aren’t many positive impacts of COVID-19, but one of the rare good things to happen is the boom of the e-commerce industry. Small businesses selling various types of products are thriving in the growing e-commerce industry during the COVID-19 economy.

2. Embracing the Remote Work Culture

The advent of a gig economy already saw a slow adoption of remote work culture. Employees had already started working remotely for their employers, without the need to physically report to the office. Depending on the nature of your business, adopting a long-term work from home strategy can provide your business with several benefits.

A majority of the workforce operating remotely can allow businesses to save significant upfront costs that come with maintaining and operating an office. As more employees begin to work from home, the expenses associated with maintaining SOPs and general office expenses can be significantly reduced, improving the cash flow for small businesses.

3. Investing in Digital Marketing Solutions

Businesses were already adopting the digital landscape when it came to their marketing efforts before the pandemic struck. With the onset of COVID-19, people are more likely to stay at home and surf the internet. Small and medium businesses previously considering making the shift to the e-commerce sector find themselves accelerating their plans to survive the COVID-19 economy.

However, generating a significant presence in the online world is crucial for the success of any business. This is where the need to invest in digital marketing solutions comes in. Small businesses investing in comprehensive digital marketing solutions are not just surviving in the COVID-19 economy - they are thriving.

The right digital marketing solutions provider can help small businesses level the playing field when marketing to their customers and competing with larger businesses. Your company’s website has effectively become the digital storefront that can help you generate leads and convert them into sales.

Our experts can provide you with a one-stop solution for all your web development, and digital marketing needs to ensure that your small business can survive and thrive in the COVID-19 economy.

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