Optimize Your Google My Business Listing: A Brief Guide

4 Essential Steps of Google My Business Listing Optimization

Written by Kyle Dudgeon

Published on Tue, Feb 9, 2021, Last Updated on Tue, Feb 9, 2021

If you have been advised to improve your local SEO as a small business serving a particular geographical radius, you would know about Google My Business listing. In simple words, it is a business directory by Google that the search engine uses to return results when people search about a particular type of business in the given area.

In this blog post, we’ll briefly discuss how you can optimize the Google My Business Listing of your venture.

Many people think that creating a GMB account will be enough to boost their local rankings. However, that’s not how Google algorithms work. You need to take multiple optimization measures to ensure your GMB listing appears better than your competitors.

1. Fill in Every Blank Space

A complete GMB profile doesn’t have just name, address, and phone number sections. There is a list of things Google likes to know about your business. For instance, you have to choose a category and then pick from various sub-categories in it to specifically define your business.

Moreover, you have to provide a short description of your business. Don’t just paste your business name and catchphrase there. This description is read by potential consumers who won’t appreciate it if they can only find the name repetition rather than some useful business information there.

Similarly, you have to pick business attributes. These are essentially the amenities you offer besides your main products/services, e.g., on-premise internet, delivery, etc.

In short, fill in all applicable blank space about your business on the GMB listing. When users find all the required information from a business’s GMB page, they are more likely to convert.

2. Add Real Photos and Videos

If you have a pizza outlet in a particular neighborhood, but your GMB listing shows product shots taken by multinational food chains, you won’t be able to impress potential consumers. The same goes for videos. Therefore, always upload the real visual content of your product/services. Make sure you use the best available resources to keep those pictures and videos as good as possible.

3. Change Details in Real-Time

Many businesses forget to update their opening hours after setting up the listing. Similarly, they don’t update the page with the latest developments (new offers, relocation, renovated frontage, etc.). A business needs to update its GMB listing as any development happens. It shows consumers how proactive and dedicated the business is.

4. Garner Google Reviews

Last but not least, try to get as many Google reviews as possible. Most people visit GMB listings to read those reviews. If you manage to collect an aggregate of good reviews with some bad ones too, you can attract more consumers.

An optimized GMB listing doesn’t just help to convert prospects into leads and leads into customers. It also helps you to get to the prized Google Local-3 pack in the long run.

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