Progressive Web Apps

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Written by Ken Button

Published on Tue, Aug 6, 2019, Last Updated on Tue, Aug 6, 2019

The very best of mobile websites and native mobile apps combined into one.

Progressive Web Apps are showing staggering improvments in conversions.

“Progressive Web Apps are reliable, super fast and engaging.” - Google

What is a Progressive Web App?

It’s a website that’s been taken to the absolute highest level of quality utilizing the latest web standards.

Website Works Offline

A website that works offline? You bet! Progressive Web Apps take advantage of the latest web standards, service workers, allowing the web page to quietly save itself behind the scenes while viewing. Every page a user visits will be available offline, while those the user doesn’t visit will show an offline message.

The neat thing is even if the user never uses the website offline, each return visit to the page will use the users cache to load the page near instantly. This is just one way a PWA helps greatly improve a person’s experience on the website.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications are the latest ways websites taken to the Progressive Web App level can engage and re-engage with visitors.

Add To Homescreen

Adding your website / web app to the users homescreen makes the entire website look, feel and act like a native app on a users’ device. When the user touches the icon to open the web app, it will open full screen, without showing the URL bar at all during the entire experience. Users can easily get right back to your website and continue doing whatever they were doing previously; filling out a form, reading an article or even purchasing an item.

SECURE Website Hosting

Progressive Web Apps must meet extensive requirements in terms of quality control. Triocto takes each new website we build to the Exemplary Progressive Web App level. Hosted in the Secure Google Cloud Platform, your website will feature cutting edge website hosting technology such as HTTP2, allowing every page on your website to load assets simultaneously rather than top down hierarchical common to 99% of the websites on the web today. In addition to inheriting the rock solid stability of Google’s Cloud Platform hosting, your website will load faster due to HTTP2 technology.

Why use a Progressive Web App Website?

Progressive Web Apps delight people and drive more conversions.


Lightening fast experiences, your users will fly around your website consuming content as fast as they can read.


Launch the website / web app from the user’s home screen ‘instantly’. Poor or non-existent network? The website works offline.


Installable on the user’s home screen, without the help of an app store! Immersive full screen user experiences with Push Notifications.


Ultimately the better the experiences people have visiting your website, the more conversions the website will get.


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