Web Stories Are the Future of Marketing, Today

What are webs stories and why should you care.

Written by Ken Button

Published on Tue, Sep 15, 2020, Last Updated on Tue, Sep 15, 2020

In this article, we’ll discuss what Web Stories are, why you should strongly consider adding them to your business digital web strategy and how you can get started using stories for your business quickly and easily.

What are Web Stories?

Before we speak specifically about web stories, it’s very important to understand where they came from as that will help drive home the importance of ‘why’ you should consider using them.

Snapchat Stories Started it All

In 2013, Snapchat updated their App to include stories. It allowed users to create ‘snaps’ which could be daisy chained together to form any narrative a user desired.

Instagram Stories Followed

It didn’t take long for this new functionality to explode on Snapchat and make noise across the entire tech world. So much noise, in fact, Instagram immediately went to work on incorporating ‘stories’ into their platform.

Facebook Stories Were Next

Instagram, owned by Facebook, saw success with stories and it didn’t take long before Facebook updated their platform to include stories.

Social media has learned how to be addictive. The scrolling we all do down that page is intentionally done in such a way that we ‘keep scrolling’. Stories provide even a higher level of engagement as it’s easier to just tap than it is to scroll and scroll to the ‘right spot’. In a tap, you’re able to proceed through the ‘slides’ much like a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation.

Web Stories are Born

While social media was busy working to incorporate stories into their platforms, rushing to get that next ‘addictive’ element that will keep people ‘on their website/app’, Google was working on something called Web Stories. Web Stories are just as they sound, stories that are ‘on the web’. This means a business can actually start doing ‘engaging’ (addictive) web stories on their own domain and earn all that lovely SEO; increased visitors, longer time on the website, increased engagement and lowering bounce rate to name ‘just a few’ of the benefits. Decoupled from Social Media, web stories allow businesses the immediate opportunity to capitalize on the same benefits social media platforms have been gaining from their stories.

At the end of the day, the web is a vehicle for communicating. Web Stories are the latest, sexiest and most cutting edge means of communicating a business message. User experience is at the forefront, and it turns out, putting the user first means you’ll earn more brand awareness, more consideration and you’ll earn more conversions.

How to get started with Web Stories for my business?

It’s important to realize Web Stories today are built using a specific type of HTML that’s called AMP HTML. If you’re not familiar with how to build websites in AMP HTML, you’ll want to use a service provider to help you incorporate Web Stories into your business.

Enterprise Web Stories Design & Development

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At Triocto, we’re intent on keeping our clients ahead of the competition. To do this, we’ve had to get ahead of ‘our competition’. Today, we’re one of the few AMP developers capable of building high quality, search optimized, web stories that can be ‘featured in search engine results at the top of the page’. Check out our (web stories service)[/services/web-stories] to learn more about what we can do for your business. We’re happy to work with your current web developers to provide them the code for your stories, or we can (build your entire website)[/servies/web-design] and incorporate them into the website ourselves - your choice.


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