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Published on Tue, Jun 9, 2020, Last Updated on Tue, Jun 9, 2020

Put your business in front of the right people at the right time with the right message by leveraging consumer insights.

Fully Managed Paid Search Campaigns

Targeted. Measurable. Active.

Advertising management solutions by Triocto are designed to meet or exceed your businesses target market goals by speaking to your target market in objective, yet compelling ways, to inspire conversions. What differentiates your brand from the others is a primary focus of ours as we’ll leverage those pros against the cons of your competition. Advertising is without quesiton the most expensive element to your internet marketing digital strategy, and Triocto takes this management very seriously to ensure we are consistently providing an affordable, efficient and effective ad management solution. Advertising is just one element in a company’s promotional mix and as such, must be integrated with the overall marketing communications program.

Triocto will manage a businesses Search Engine Marketing needs.

Our team is ready to service your paid search campaigns needs for a reasonable monthly fee. Paid search is a fundamental aspect of a well rounded Internet discovery plan and nearly imperative now that the Google Keyword Tool has been replaced by the Google Keyword Planner, which requires an active AdWords account. An active payment type such as credit card, Paypal or bank account information is required to use this Keyword Planner where before it was called the Keyword Tool and offered to everyone at no cost. Rather than learn the continually changing idiosyncrasies of the paid search world, let our team take that which we do daily and better than most off your plate so you can do what you do well. Of course, we handle the other Search Engines as well as Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like.

What paid search services do we perform for you?

We set up and configure your Google AdWords to take advantage of the Text Ads, Image Ads, Video Ads and or Rich Media Ads we continually create on your behalf. We perform the keyword research necessary for a well formed paid and organic search advertising campaign. We handle setting the keyword match types like broad match type, phrase match type, exact match type and negative keywords to ensure the absolute best spend of your advertising dollars. We provide a monthly ROI so you can be sure your online advertising money is being converted into sales.

Google AdWords Creation & Management

Let our team of highly skilled ad specialists tool in on your target market with a highly effective Google AdWords ad group. We’ll show you the power of Google in our very first campaign.

Yahoo and Bing Pay Per Click Creation & Management

Yes, we’re skilled in using the other search engines as well and would be more than happy to place ads on any of your desired search engines. There is a point of diminished returns with the overlapping of search engines, so it’s always wise to step into the mix with a well formed plan to ensure you’re source attributions are tip top.

Facebook Ad Creation & Management

Facebook is without question one of the single hottest advertising spots providing extensive exposure to specific target markets at truly affordable prices. Our Facebook to Website Funnels will drive your target market through the sales process efficiently and effectively inspiring confidence and closing sales.

  • Ad Types
  • Keyword Research and Match Types

Ad Types

What various ad types do we handle?

Text Ads

Text Ads are the most common type of ad. Made up of a headline, two description lines, a display URL & destination URL. Only ads to be found on Google Search Result Pages and Google Partner Search Result Pages. and also beside relevant content on sites that are on the Google network.

The constraints of a text ad level the playing field. Words in black and white mean that everyone has the same rules and nobody is going to spend their way to a more impressive ad. For instance, placing an ad that explains your service versus one that offers a discount with the code provided. Keep in mind the user has searched for that specific product or service so they are more likely to already be sold on the need for the product or service, now they are looking for the best product for the best price. 25% off plus a discount code will more likely catch a users attention that the add above or below it which states “we provide XYZ service” and a link to their site. Whether it is a better deal or not to click the one with the 25%, studies have overwhelmingly shown that the majority of sheeple respond highly to ‘sales’ and ‘discount codes’ with description of service vs the ad that simply describes the service.

Image Ads

Image Ads come in all kinds of shapes in sizes. They can be static image ads or dynamic ads made in GIF in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Banner Ads fall into this category. You won’t find image ads anywhere in the Google Search results. They are often found on websites and are kind of like the various items placed strategically at the checkout counter of a retail store. The idea is you are checking out and maybe you feel thirsty from your long shopping and as you wait in line there stands a cooler which sells a variety of different drinks. Maybe you are hungry and you see the beef jerkey or the candy etc… Image ads are a great way of driving additional ad on sales and increasing brand awareness. They are highly trackable so it is easy to see their impact.

Video Ads

Video Ads are ads made up of a video or a video clip. They usually show up on websites next to relevant content or on Youtube which is part of the Video Ads network. Instead of just an image, you can create a better means of communicating the product or service in action. People browsing relevant content are all about learning about that content. Having a video ad which allows them to view something they mean to learn will capture their attention much better than nearly anything else on the web based on extensive research performed by Google and other large companies.

Rich Media Ads

Rich Media Ads include video, images, written content and the like. Imagine an Ad which contains all those elements for a service for listing Classic and Collector Cars for dealers. The ad would contain a video that explains the service well and around that video there exists text which explains some of the main points in the video in greater detail. It contains links which take the user to sections of a website which contain even greater detail pertaining to that area of interest. Also, there are some Image Ads which provide ‘call to action’ steps. The goal of this Rich Media Ads is to provide a content type which contains all the elements to wet a users appetite, engage them to the extent they read all the different areas and an Image Ad which illustrates just how easy it is to get started with a “Buy Now” or “Get Started Now” button.

Keyword Research

The best decisions in life are made from the best information. Before you pour the concrete on your next website build, it is wise to research and thoroughly understand the Internet landscape. It is critical for a website to be discovered that you know how consumers are searching for the products and services your business offers. Armed with the knowledge of how people are searching, you can then go about laying the structure of a website accordingly rather than jumping in blindly. An example of this can be found predominantly in the automotive industry. Internally, the dealerships call their used cars “preowned inventory” but when a consumer searches for a used car, they type in “used cars” rather than “preowned inventory”. Go about looking up new or used cars and see if the dealerships have menu items like “preowned inventory” or “inventory” and think to yourself how many people searching for a new or used car are going to discover a website which promotes ‘preowned inventory’ as their predominant keyphrase for their used cars.

Before describing how to perform keyword research, it is first a good idea to understand the different match types of keywords. Broad match type, phrase match type and exact match type are the three types. Broad match type keywording is a general match type which will allow you to capture all searches containing some of the words or all of the words and in any order. Phrase match types ensure that a word or phrase must be included in the search results in the exact order, but it may return words before or after the word or phrase as well. Finally, exact match type ensures that only the exact word or words are returned without any additional words or phrases before or after. Also, with exact match type, order of the words / keyphrase are important.

Broad Match Type Example

dog shows - The paid ad will appear when someone types in dog or dog shows or shows or shows to take my dog to… Order is not important and words can be before, during or after the keywords you are purchasing.

Phrase Match Type Example

“dog shows” - Denoted by quotation marks around the phrase, the paid ad will only show up when a consumer types dog shows as part of their search query (in that order). If the consumer was to type in California dog shows, the ad would appear for such a search query.

Exact Match Type Example

[dog shows] - Denoted by brackets, the paid ad will only show results which contain the phrase dog shows in that order. But if a consumer types in dog shows California, then the add will not appear as it contained a word that didn’t ‘exactly’ match the keyword phrase.

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