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Business brand development defined

Written by Triocto

Published on Tue, Jun 9, 2020, Last Updated on Tue, Jun 9, 2020

Branding your business using the web isn’t just more affordable than traditional advertising, it’s more effective.

Brand development is the process of creating and enhancing your professional business brand.

The importance of your business brand

Brand is arguably the most valuable asset a well run business has while it is the greatest liability of a poorly run business. Building a great brand requires a business to do the right things, such as putting people first. It mandates that business must be professional, diligent and deliver on any and all of its promises.

Brands are evaluated all day, every day

A business brand is the total sum of all information ‘one’ has about a business, and it’s what they would use to help make decisions regarding that business. Your business target market group and target customer group are not the only ones concerned with your business brand, however. The web is keeping score every day as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others send their bots out to evaluate, compute and report.

Imagine Google sent a person to your physical business location every single day, all day long, from here on out. What would that person report back after spending every day, all day at your business location? The report might look something like this…

  • X amount of visitors came to the business location
  • Y amount of engagements at the cashier
  • Business cleanliness, accessibility, staff and overall culture
  • Grass was mowed recently
  • Grass was trimmed recently
  • Restrooms clean all day
  • Sidewalks and driveway paths were recently edged
  • The glass door entrance to the building was as if it had just been professionally cleaned
  • The interior of the building is very clean
  • The staff is well spoken, well dressed and every interaction with customers appears to be a positive one
  • Management makes all staff perform daily continual improvement steps

Google can’t send a person to your business and every business in the world to do such an evaluation, obviously. The example was used to drive home a very important point; every day, all day, Google DOES send out business evaluation bot(s). Those bots, or programs, are charged with the duty of tracking, analysing, computing and reporting back the state of your business from Google’s algorithmic perspective.

  • Amount of visitors today
  • How long visitors stayed on the website today
  • How engaged were website visitors today
  • How many forms were submitted on the website today
  • How many reviews were left for the business today
  • How many websites out there in the world wide web decided to link to this business today
  • Business cleanliness, professionalism, accessibility
  • Does the website meet acceptable performance standards
  • Is the website handicap accessible
  • Does the website utilize industry best practices
  • Is the page level SEO performed properly and aligned with the Information Architecture of the website
  • Is the website utilizing Progressive Web App technology

Business brand is more than reputation

It’s not wrong to state a business brand carries the business reputation with it wherever it goes. It’s just important to realize a business brand is about more than just its reputation. A business brand is its financials, for example, and those are tracked, analyzed, computed and reported as credit reports for the business.

A business brand should be ‘every’ message we wish to convey, all wrapped up in a name with a logo and a slogan. When you see the swoosh or hear about the swoosh, you think of the name, you think of the slogan “Just Do It”, you think of the reputation, you think of its industry dominance, you think of Michael Jordan, winning, etc… If you knew the company was Nike because of the swoosh or because you heard the tagline, then Nike has done well with their business branding.

Business brand should inspire confidence

An untrusted brand isn’t getting my business, nor is it getting yours. - Common Sense

The blocking and tackling fundamentals of business brand development start with doing things the right way, putting people first and working to make sure your great work, great products and or services and/or great customer satisfaction result in more than just a sale or residual sales… Every sale is an opportunity for reputation improvement. And, it’s not enough to send out a memo “lets get some reviews” and leave it at that… An actual process must be developed, implemented, tracked, measured, analyzed and continually improved to make growing positive reviews online a reality.

Triocto has the expertise, experience, tools and passion to be an external marketing department for your business. For roughly the cost of one full time, minimum wage employee, your business can have our team of marketing rock stars.

3 steps to the start of your brand strategy

  1. Your business goals and strategy for context

A well structured brand is one that identifies well what differentiates your business from your competition. Your business goals and business strategy provide us the context for your brand development strategy. Define clearly what your vision statement for your business is and the brand’s job is to deliver that vision.

  1. Define your target audience groups

Who is your target audience? Unless you’re a digital marketer with expertise in design, development, search optimization and marketing it’s unlikely you’ll answer that question correctly! Did you know your target audience can be your industry competition? Sounds crazy right? Actually, lets say you own a vehicle repair shop that offers full service repairs and maintenance for cars, trucks, SUVs, minivans, crossovers, etc… A possible content strategy would be to write articles about the repairs you have performed, what things you’ve learned along the way and what you recommend others do in similar situations. Maybe you wrote an article about how to fix an air conditioning unit in a unique way, as an example. Meanwhile, a day after your article went up on your website, a mechanic five states away researches how to solve the very problem you just wrote about, he or she finds your article and reads it! Your website just received a new visitor who opened up the article and stayed on it while they execute the repairs as defined by your article. Of course, a customer in your local area just found that their air conditioning isn’t working anymore and a quick search of Google for help with their air conditioning system results in them finding your article.

In our experience, high growth and profiting businesses perform extensive research, analysis and understanding of their target audience/customer/client/patient groups. The more refined the target audience groups and target customer groups, the better a website is discovered, the better it communicates and the better it converts.

  1. Define your target customer group

Businesses who invest in target audience insights grow faster and are more profitable. SOURCE NEEDED. Also, investing time in studying target customer groups is something that should be done twice a year at least. At Triocto, we’re daily reviewing target audience groups and target customer groups to uncover any and all insights.

Research helps you understand your target customer. Understanding your target customer group well means you’re able to know their problems, issues and potential concerns, so when you’re making your content, you can help alleviate those problems, issues or concerns. Your content piece can so well satisfy their specific needs and wants, the target customer may feel inside “this business just gets it or gets me”. Imagine you’re wanting to purchase a new pinball machine but you’re unable to find a local pinball dealer in your area. You decide to go online and search pinball dealers, vendors, etc… You find a website five states away that has an extensive set of pinball parts in their e-commerce website. They have hundreds of articles related to pinball machines, parts, the industry, anything relevant and useful regarding pinball machines.

One of my fears, as a consumer, is I’d be buying something from ‘some website’ and what assurances do I have that I’ll actually ‘get an item’ let alone ‘get the item I try to purchase’? While on this website, I’m reviewing everything and anything that is helpful in aiding or subtracting my ‘trust level’ in this business. I’ll likely check Google Reviews as I realize those are significantly more difficult to fake than other review venues.

If the website content writers had put themselves in my shoes and lived my fears and concerns, they would have been writing content and designing the website in such a way that it alleviates or greatly reduces my concerns as to whether or not I"ll get what I am trying or wanting to purchase.


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