Competition Analysis

Research, analyze, understand

Written by Triocto

Published on Tue, Jun 9, 2020, Last Updated on Tue, Jun 9, 2020

In order to beat your competition on the web, we’ll need to research, analyze and understand them so we’re able to develop a superior web presence from a well planned, structured, executed and measured digital strategy.

Identify the top local competitors

We’ll first want to perform an extensive search of the products and services your business offers so we can determine who your local competitors are in a variety of search results. Now that we’re aware of who your competitors are and where they’re in search, we’ll be able to get an idea of where your business improvements in search results are needed. We’ll also review each of their websites and try to learn what it is your competitors do well. We’ll work to uncover the digital strategies each of your competitors is using so we can better learn what ways we can do better and more.

Identify the top regional and or national competitors

By reviewing the top National and/or Regional competitor’s in your field, we’ll be able to see at greater scale some of the better tactics and strategies used and your industry. Of course we’ll learn things about their website design, website development, their social media usage and try to determine their overall digital strategies.

Competitor content and keywords review

We’ll want to take some time to make sure that we understand what it is your competitors are producing in terms of content, how they’re sharing it, how often they’re producing it and how often they are sharing it.

Competition SEO

We’ll analyze the content your competition to gain insights into what keywords and keyphrases they are working to improve their search results on.

Competition Social Media landscape

Understanding how many followers your competition has, what engagement level they are receiving and what it is they are doing to nurture and build their social media market allows u to understand who the leaders are and what it is we’ll need to not only beat them but ensure we sustain leadership when we do.

Gainful application of competition analysis insights with your digital strategy

We’ll leverage the insights we’ve ascertained on your competition to help in improving your business overall digital strategy.


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