Conversion Rate Optimization

Sales Funnels, A/B Testing, and Heatmap Page Testing

Written by Triocto

Published on Tue, Jun 9, 2020, Last Updated on Tue, Jun 9, 2020

Utilizing the latest conversion rate optimization technologies on the web such as heatmaps and A/B Testing, we’re able to hone in on what works.

Conversion closing rates

We’ll walk the customer through a tailor made, tailor fit campaign funnel that will both delight and inspire confidence all in effort to improve closing rates.

A/B Web Page Testing

Since every website we build is static, it’s super easy for us to use Google’s Optimize to test different versions of every web page we build ensuring we’re honed in on our target market’s needs and wants.

Heatmap Web Page Testing

With AMP Analytics, we’re able to more deeply dive into user actions and behaviors on web pages in ways never before possible. We’re able to tell how long a user spent in a given spot, how many slides they went through, whether they clicked, touched or swiped, how far down the page they went and how many approximate words per minute they were reading if they continually were scanning down.


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