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Written by Triocto

Published on Tue, Jun 9, 2020, Last Updated on Tue, Jun 9, 2020

Website success is a complicated equation, with many variables, but the first step is simple; put the people it’s intended for first.

Our web design services are ready to make great improvements to your business’s presence on the Internet. Before we begin your project however, we’ll learn about your business, your target consumers and your competition on the web. By taking the insights gained from each of those areas, we’re able to provide custom designed, tailor made website design with extraordinary user experiences.

Understand your business on the web

We take special care to understand the landscape of your industry on the web, your current Internet presence and your brand strategy.

Understand your target consumers on the web

We’ll research, analyze and understand what your target consumer wants and expects ensuring we maximize our potential success from the web design.

Understand your competition on the web

We’ll learn about your competition by evaluating their current web presences, learn what, where, when and how often they are marketing on the web to discern their digital strategies so we can provide insights as to what your new website can do that would be better and or more.

Responsive website design

We’ll design your new website to be entirely responsive so every device used, regardless of size, software or manufacturer; the website will look and work great.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) website design

Your new website will feature the future of the web; today. We’re building Progressive Web Apps, it’s the website and mobile app in ONE!

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP HTML website design

Furthering our efforts to bring the future of the web to you today, we’re currently the only website design service in the greater Fort Wayne region building hand coded, custom design, static web pages built in canonical AMP web pages. We’re also designing beautiful AMP stories, allowing you to showcase your web content in ways that never before existed. Finally, we’re able to help your email campaign effectiveness by harnessing the power of AMP Email.

AMP web solutions

  • AMP Website Design
  • AMP Stories
  • AMP Email


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