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Written by Triocto

Published on Tue, Jun 9, 2020, Last Updated on Tue, Jun 9, 2020

The primary objective while developing a website is to ensure it helps meet or exceed the business goals. Breaking this down further, the website will need to be discovered by its consumer audience, it will need to delight them and inspire confidence in the business brand so it can drive conversions. And, to do that it must be fast, accessible, use best practice have outstanding SEO and ideally it should be a Progressive Web App.

What are delightful user experiences? According to Google, a website must be fast, integrated, reliable and engaging to delight users. Over half of the web’s use is performed on mobile devices and that trend has been growing consistenly for years. In the United States, mobile accounts for roughly 60-70% of web research.

  • Fast - Loads quickly, responds quickly to user interactions, animations are smooth, no jank
  • Integrated - No need to make people reach through the browser, the website and mobile app are one, integrated into their devices like other apps
  • Reliable - Load instantly, even on the poorest of network conditions
  • Engaging - User comes back to the website & mobile app in one because it’s helpful/useful and it’s smooth and app-like

Data driven website development

If you’re looking for a website designer or developer who will take your vision and execute it on the web, we’re not the solution. All of the marketing decisions we make for clients are derived from data.

Faster is better

53% of mobile users abandon websites that do not load in 3 second or less (google). Meanwhile, according to a study by DoubleClick, the average mobile website loading time is 19 seconds (thinkwithgoogle).

Three second rule, check

Your business isn’t successfull today nor tomorrow because you’ll decided to ignore over half of the potential leads for your business. At Triocto, we don’t shoot from the hip with shot gun marketing, we study every element of the target customer audience and make sure that we’re meeting or exceeding their expectations.

Integrated - the website and mobile app in one

Triocto website development offers progressive businesses an opportunity to get ahead with their next website. Introduced in 2015, Progressive Web Apps are the latest ways of creating extraordinary user experiences. The Progressive Web App is set to and will replace mobile apps as we know them today.

Progressive Web Apps

  • Website that’s been taken to the absolute highest level using the latest web standards
  • Add to Home Screen
  • Works Offline
  • Works Full Screen when user opens with App Icon
  • Push Notifications
  • Blazing fast user experience that’s more fluid, app like

Engaging user experience

Engagement isn’t a set of things we are going to force upon or act upon a user and it goes well beyond functional uses, it’s making sure the experience in its entirety is delightful and easy. Creating inspiring, useful and compelling content that has our intended audience thirsting for more is imperative to achieving the best possible conversion rates.

Developing accessible websites today

In the early 1990’s, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was set in motion requiring handicap accessibility standards to be met for all businesses with public access. Signage, for example, has to have door signage on the right side of the door a certain height, type 2 braille, etc… Today, the web doesn’t have any of those rules mandating websites be handicap accessible.

Data on handicap accessible websites

Studies show that roughly 15% of the world’s population has some form of disability. That’s over 1 billion people (World Health Organization).

Rock solid and secure website hosting

There is no excuse for a website to not be secure today. Every website we design and develop is deployed on the Google Cloud Network with SSL security, HSTS technology (website is only accessible from https:// and redirects users who try to reach the site with http://) and utilizes the latest HTTP2 multi-threaded push.

Website quality auditing

Lastly, every website we develop is tested continuously throughout the build process to ensure the highest level website quality possible. Every website we deploy live meets a minimum of 97% or higher in each of the key website quality indicators:

  • Performance
  • Best Practices
  • Accessibility
  • SEO
  • Progressive Web App

The power to evaluate web developers

Until recently, web developers were able to snowball business owners with ‘pretty’ websites. Business owners really didn’t have a viable way of evaluating the work of their developer or other developers. Today, that’s all changed and there is no hiding the quality of code work, performance, whether best practices were used, if it’s accessible, how well it’s search engine optimized and whether or not it’s using the latest technology to hit the web; Progressive Web Apps.

Using the Chrome Web Browser, you can install the Lighthouse Extension in seconds. Now, visit any website you like and simply click the Lighthouse Auditing tool to execute an audit in less than a minute.


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