Baril Coatings USA

Triocto assisted in the creation of a new website

About Baril Coatings

Baril Coatings USA is a leading producer of high performance industrial coatings. Direct to Substrate Applications - Fast-curing DTM applications provide excellent durability and weathering. Technical Service and Support - Comprehensive technical support provided by the experts. ColorLinks™ Color Database System - Easy to use web based color matching software provides for near perfect color matches, saving you time and money.

Goals for their new website

The previous website was out of date and long overdue for a refresh. It was a visual business card but it was not generating leads for the client. It also lacked integration of their form submissions into their Hubspot account.


Their new website is built in Accelerated Mobile Pages, allowing it to load fast for both desktop and, more importantly, mobile users. Triocto assists in the creation of a new blog post each month, allowing the website to continually grow and engage their users.

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