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The Impact
of Drones

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You now have the ability to get a shot from almost anywhere for under $1000.

Drones have been on the rise exponentially since 2014. 

Originally, to get an aerial shot, such as this one, you would need a helicopter.

Now with the technology of drones, almost anyone can take shots like these with
a drone.

The first drones didn't come with cameras pre-installed.

This made it very difficult to get the best quality photos or videos.

In 2015, the Phantom 3 was released with a built
in camera.

After this release, the potential for drones to be used commercially skyrocketed.

In 2017, the FAA came out with regulations and certain licenses needed to fly drones.

This made it difficult for creators and other drone users to get the shots that they wanted.

Drones have continued to be on the rise, with multiple
uses for them.

Drones can be used for multiple things such as package delivery, disaster relief, and better reporting for the media.

While there are many positive for the up and coming drone world, there are also
its negatives.

Some of these negatives include loss of privacy, weaponizing of drones, and law enforcement difficulties.

Overall, drones are becoming more useful in many different ways, and could play a large factor in our future.

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