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Web Stories

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It all began when Snapchat introduced stories to
their platform.

Web stories are stories on the web, just like this one.

The popularity of these stories began to grow.

Soon after snapchat released stories, Instagram also released stories on
its platform.

With Facebook owning Instagram, Facebook saw the success that these stories had.

Facebook then implemented stories onto its platform, making Facebook stories.

These social media giants saw how successful these stories were, they were a hit.

Then web stories were born. If social media can have stories, why can't websites?

Web stories were then introduced to the web. It's like a Snapchat story, but
for a website!

Google saw this, and began working on these stories, making them engaging
and addictive.

Web stories are on their own domain, so they get all of the SEO, and time on site.

This makes stories a huge asset for websites; it can boost SEO tremendously.

AMP stories are built in a special framework known as AMP HTML.

At Triocto, we specialize in AMP, being one of the first to market with AMP stories.

We want to get ahead of our competition, which is why we offer high quality stories to our clients.

This story was created and brought to you by Triocto.

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